Reiki II: Distance Healing (July/August)

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Your higher self is calling you, with messages that so desire to be heard. This approach to distance Reiki healing allows you to receive those messages, and opens up space for connection and healing of the mind, body, heart & soul.

The time is now to level up your consciousness, and form a true relationship with your inner being, your Higher Self.


Reiki II healing is a modality of healing that uses life force energy to allow you to receive the guidance + love that you are seeking - all from your Higher Self.

In this session, along with traditional Reiki healing, I will use Reiki in a way that is unique to my lineage of teachers. Further to the benefits of your Reiki treatment, you will also receive a written Reiki letter that is sure to feel like the spark of divine magic that it is. Words written TO you, FROM you, through me (with love, of course).

You may re-read this letter as many times as you need, keep it for as long as feels right, meditate on it, seek clarity + guidance, and use it as a portal to connect to your higher consciousness.

Reiki from a distance has the same benefits as an in-person treatment.


At our appointment time, I will text you at your provided number so that we can connect briefly before the session. While not mandatory, I do suggest that clients take this appointment time to rest their body & minds, either in meditation or accompanied by quiet music, peace & stillness. When the session is done, I will be in touch by text, so that you may maintain the peacefulness of the treatment for as long as you feel is appropriate for you.

Once the session is complete, I will read your letter to you via video recording so that you can listen intently and repeatedly, allowing time to absorb and hear every part. 

Your letter is your message from your higher self. It will be your message to consciously work with, interpret, and apply to your life.

We can then book your 30-minute Clarity Session (included) to review any questions & thoughts you may have about your reading. You will also receive the original written copy of your Reiki letter in the mail, which I will send within 48-hours following our session.

It is important to know & remember that your message from your higher self is ultimately yours to understand in your heart.

There is no limit to how many times you receive any form of Reiki. We can walk through this process together time + time again. This modality is a tool that can be used endlessly for your healing, guidance and connection. Each session comes with a letter, and each letter is timeless + infinite, to use as a tool for healing until you are ready to release it.


To book your Reiki II Distance Healing treatment with me, please choose from the dates in the dropdown menu below. Once your booking has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with further details. I will personally connect with you 48-72 hours prior to your treatment, so that I can answer any questions you may have, and make sure you are at ease about how this incredible magic works!

It is my distinct honour to help bring Reiki into your life; the light within me bows in gratitude to the light within you.


~Introduction & What to Expect
~Reiki Healing Treatment (from a distance)
~Reiki II Written Letter (from your higher self to You)
~Reading of Letter (recorded video)
~Follow-up Clarity Session (30-minutes on-screen or via phone)

      Please note: Due to the demand & nature of this service, booking payments are non-refundable. Should you need to re-schedule your appointment, please provide 24-hours notice, and your payment will be applied as credit to your next appointment. Less than 24-hours notice for cancellation may result in no credit/refund being applied.