Social Media

Social media platforms are undeniably necessary for your business, because your target market and current clientele are already using it. Social media allows you to stay connected with current & prospective clients through posts, comments, and live conversations that you alternatively may not have the opportunity to participate in.

Tools, such as Facebook and Instagram, create a community around your business. When properly used, they help to build trust, which encourages referrals and repeat customers. Social Media is also FREE advertising space – it makes it easy for people to share your business with their network.

By redirecting some of your marketing funds to invest in proper social media management, you are likely going to make more of an impact and reach a wider spectrum of people. The reality is that social media is here, and so far, it looks like it’s here to stay. While great social media presence and online interaction can drive business through your door, alternatively, poor social media presence can hurt your business.

Many studies have proven that businesses who do not have a strong web presence are glanced over and not pursued. The unfortunate thing about that scenario is that you will never actually know how much business you are missing out on over such a simple thing.

At Katie Williams Design Co., we are focused on maintaining your brand consistency. By combining our local marketing background with the ability to create relevant custom graphics, we ensure that your social media reflects your core values, acting as an extension of your brand.

Outsourcing your social media makes a more effective use of both your, and your team’s, time. We will work with you to determine a package that works for your online needs, so that you and your team can re-focus on your clients, while we properly maintain this vital aspect of your business’ image.

At the end of the day, the important thing to remember is that consumers buy from those they trust. Effective branding, strong marketing and a solid online presence are all key components in making an impact and building that trust with your audience.