ONLINE PROGRAM [Intro to Branding with Intention - Success Package]

ONLINE PROGRAM [Intro to Branding with Intention - Success Package]

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Isn't it easy to look at your habits, and understand why it is that you buy from certain people and not others? It's so much easier for us to actually see 'branding' in everything around us than it is to identify in our own businesses. How can you begin to attract the right customers if you aren't clear on your own message?
This Intro Program starts on June 1, 2020, and is designed to:
  • Give you a clear understanding about what branding is;

  • Provide information on what elements make up a brand;

  • Educate on how to start applying these basic branding fundamentals to your own business;

  • Give you tools that will enable you to identify holes in your own brand and message, and allow you to start making changes that will attract more of the customer you want to work with.
What's Included? - Value of over $250!
  • Intro to Branding LIVE Facebook Webinar
  • Private Group on Facebook for sharing, learning & networking.
  • Your own Intro-to-Branding Workbook in PDF.
  • PLUS a SPECIAL BONUS 30-minute Private Branding Consultation with me, your super-passionate branding specialist, with individualized advice about YOUR brand.

Who should take this course?

  • Solopreneurs who have, or are starting, a 'side gig'

  • Businesses with great ideas, who feel stuck and aren't progressing

  • Established businesses who are aiming to, or need to, re-brand soon

  • Start up businesses who want create their brand properly from the beginning

Whether or not you have started the actual design process (if you haven't, we'd love to chat!) this program is for you. It's SO important for you to ensure that your potential clients can both SEE and HEAR your message. In order to do that, you need to fully understand what branding truly is, and this intro course is designed to help you figure that out!

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